Story Time – Daddy’s Favorite Little Sluts

I had fucked my girlfriend rough doggy style until I filled her pussy with my seed. She had been insatiable within minutes she had given me head to get me hard again and mounted me reverse cowgirl and bounced up and down on my shaft until I filled her cunt again. After a few minutes I rolled over and drifted off to sleep. I was facing the wall when I woke up. I heard voices I didn’t role over because I thought I was dreaming. “Katy likes licking her son’s come out of Jill’s pussy!” I could hear a hand ruffling through hear and the ruffling of bed sheets. Jill is my girl friend. Katy is my step mother. I could hear lapping and muffled moans. “Well Katy Jill should be rewarded for letting you eat all of that come out of her pussy. Don’t you think? Well I do. Lick my pussy till I cum slut. ” Jill was looking at a reflection in the window of me. I didn’t move a muscle as I watched my step mothers head between Jill’s spread thighs. Jill used two hands to hold my step mothers face firmly against her as she ground her pelvis. Jill turned on bed side light and I could see more of what was happening. Realising my face could not be seen in the shadows. Jill’s breathing became shallow as she moaned quietly. Her hand over her mouth. Jill ‘s body tremored violently as she came shaking the bed. I moaned and faked moving to get more comfortable. My step mother dropped on to the floor and crawled from the room. I watched her big white ass and naturally big breasts sway as she moved. A few hours sleep was had by all. The next morning I got up and watched my stepmother and girl friend pretend like they hated one another all day. That night I fucked my girlfriend in her pussy twice. Jill was ready to fake going to sleep but I was so horny I wanted to fuck again but this time I put Jill on her back lifted her ankles up behind her ears. Put hand on my swollen shaft and pressed the head of cock against her little brown rosette. Thinking of her step mother Katy licking Jill’s asshole sucking out my shit aroma cum got me so hard. My cock was longer and thicker than I had ever seen before. Jill had a big grin on her face as my oiled shaft slid in balls deep. I felt my nuts tighten and cock swell as I pumped my girl’s back passage. When I came my legs buckled underneath me and my insides travelled out my cock. At least that was how it felt. I rolled over and feigned going to sleep. Jill got out of bed and walked to the door then in the moonlight walked down the hallway to the kitchen. I snuck out about ten minutes later trying to stay in the shadows not let anyone see me. I needn’t have worried. Jill rose from behind the kitchen island. ” Katy lick your son’s come off the floor then I have a special treat. ” I couldn’t see what was happening but for some reason Jill described the whole scene. “Lap the cum puddles up. Your son fucked me in the ass. When your finished sucking up all his cum off the floor. You are going to lie on your back and I am going cum fart in your mouth until there is no cum in my ass. Got it.” I looked down my dick was rock hard. “Yes. I love the taste of cum.” “Okay Mummy eat my asshole stick your tongue deep in my butt” I stroked my cock slowly. I looked up and the kitchen LED light above the glass splashback was on lighting up the room and me. Jill looked me straight in the eyes. “Katy can you taste that shit aroma sperm ” Katy squeezed her butt squirting more cum out and farting in my step mothers face. “Mmmm mmm mmm” Jill’s muffled reply. Jill signalled for me to come over. I shook my head. “Katy do you have fantasy’s of sucking your son’s long thick cock deep down your throat and his cum filling your belly” “Uh huh” Jill used her index finger to signal that had been seen and that I should come over. I shook my head. “Get up and sit on the bench Katy.” I retreated down the hall way in to the shadows. Jill new I new about her affair with my step mother. A shadow came down the stairs from parents bedroom. Dad? Oh fuck I thought. “Christ you to make enough noise. I’m surprised Tim isn’t here. That boy could sleep through an earthquake.” Said my Dad. “Get down the floor Jill. Both of you are my slaves” I watched as Jill and Katy were both fucked in their mouths by my Dad alternating until he came. My step mother lay on her back as Jill then sat on her face. Dad moved in behind Jill and fucked her in the ass. He held her love handles firmly as he rammed his tool in her asshole. While he fucked her his big beer belly rested on her butt. “We have to stop. Tim will find out.” Jill moaned as my dad’s massive tool buried balls deep in her bowels. His big hairy bollocks slapped against her shapely tanned butt. I was in shock my cock shrivelled up. “Nah we gonna keep this arrangement for as long as I like” he grabbed a fistful of Jills long brown hair and pulled her head back. “Katy used to suck my cock under my desk for $50 a time. I have cctv through out the building which caught her having sex with u******e boys. You well let’s just say the headmaster recommended your sexual talents.” Tears trickled down my face. It was all a set up. “As for Tim well he is just a little weeping weak bitch. Aren’t you boy ?” I was sobbing now uncontrollably. Memories from my formative years came flooding back. Cocks. Big thick cocks in my face. I walked out my flaccid limp prick no longer turned on by female flesh. “Timmy get on your knees and make Daddy happy boy.” The two women watched as I dropped to my knees in front of my father, opened my mouth and sucked on the head of his prick like it was my favourite popsicle. Slowly my hard on returned as my Dad fucked my throat relentlessly. “Is the sissy hard yet?” Katy and Jill both nodded. “Katy give the sissy your pink teddy and panties” Katy got up and walked behind me then lowered the pink teddy on to my skinny body. 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